Minimum Age

 You must be 21 years of age to rent an accommodation at Abundant Peace  Log Cabin - You must also have a credit card in your name.  


 We reserve the right to charge your credit card for any damages or  excessive cleaning from your stay. If you notice any problems upon  checking in, please let us know right away to avoid any damages being  charged to your account.  


 Occasionally appliances, hot tubs, fireplaces, etc… can malfunction. We  will service and restore these amenities as quickly as we can, but will  not make any rental concession for time without these items. Likewise,  loss of electricity, water, or other “Acts of God or Nature” that are  outside of our control will not result in a refund of any monies paid.  Due to cleaning and servicing, hot tubs are sometimes not up to full  temperature at the time of check in and may need several hours to heat.  We ask that you follow all guidelines and policies regarding use of  amenities in order to keep them functioning at peak efficiency. Failure  to do so may result in damage or excessive cleaning charges.  


 Fires are not permitted in any of our accommodations during the Summer months.  


 By county mandate Firewood may not be brought to Hocking County. Firewood is available to purchase in Logan.  


 Discharging of firearms on our property is not permitted.  .


Driving Conditions

 This is a rural country area and most roads are well maintained. Some  roadways are curvy and steep. Our cabin has a gravel driveway. While it  is routinely maintained, it can be bumpy or slippery at times. We  recommend four-wheel drive whenever possible, especially during the  winter. There are no refunds due to inclement weather.  


Holidays may have special rates, and usually have minimum stay requirements (call for exact dates and details).  


 Advance payment in full is required at the time of reservation. Visa,  MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted. Reservation  requests greater than 30 days into the future require a $200 down  payment with the balance due 2 weeks prior to arrival. Payment in full  is required for reservation requests that include the use of a gift  certificate.  


 Reservations that are cancelled more than two weeks prior to your stay,  will receive a 90% refund. Cancellations less than two weeks, but more  than three days prior to your stay will receive a 50% refund. There is  no refund for cancellations less than 72 hours prior to your stay. In  the event of an early departure, we cannot give any kind of refund.  There are no cancellations due to inclement weather. Changes to the  arrival or departure date are subject to our cancellation policy and/or a  $25 change fee. Lessor may cancel this reservation at any time by  returning your prepaid amount.  


 Check-In is between 3:00pm and 6:00pm. We will do our best to have your  accommodation ready for you at 3:00pm, but there are rare occasions when  additional cleaning may be required or when your hot tub may not be  fully heated until later that night. There is no refund in these  situations.  


Check-Out is by 11:00am. You do not need to come to the office to  check-out. Simply clean up, lock the accommodation behind you, and leave  the key inside. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate late check  outs. Check-in and Check-out times are strictly enforced so that we can  make sure that each accommodation is ready for our next guests.  



 Registered guests are not permitted overnight visitors. Registered  guests may not exceed the maximum occupancy of the accommodation.  


Smoking is not allowed inside any of our facilities.  

No Pets

We do not allow pets.